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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 1:19 AM
Hi there, I probably won't renew the premium membership for the sake of savings, so I submit an useless journal entry to fool around with my sugoi journal skin while I can.
Chiyo Smiling Icon

It's also the opportunity to notify you that I opened an Instagram account. -10% artsy, 500% pointless, here's the link if you're interested. I'll post there everything and anything, but I have something like 0 photographic skill and a very bad luminosity so you're warned.

What else to tell you.
I've been sleepless very often lately, because I'm slacking off a shameful lot. It's been 3 months since I asked for a new place to call home and I didn't get a positive answer yet, I guess it takes so long because my situation is "fine" so anybody struggling out there will get the precedence over my case. It's fine of course, I only hope that I'll be able to move before spring ends...
Why do I tell you this much : to explain why I didn't do anything art-related during this time : because I can move at any moment it's kinda uncomfortable and I'm stuck in a sort of art-block at the moment. It's a bit depressing. I can't even draw little pictures about selfcare, I want to but ideas don't come.

On a more positive note I think that I've finally come up with something I want to do with my life, that will be fulfilling and let me meet tons of wonderful people (my 2 conditions). I won't tell more right now because if everything goes well, in the best-case scenario, I'll go back to school in 1 year and a half (next entrance exams in january 2016). But anyway I'm so unable to study anymore right now, my brain was already very low battery when I graduated from high-school and I didn't have an interest in anything so it was even harder to concentrate on things, as a result I've been slacking off for 3 years now. I know that if I want to go for difficult studies (because that's what it will be :iconlazycryplz: ) I absolutely have to work in the meantime, my brain will realise that studying seriously is important and I hope it will wake up.

Lol I know it sounds extremely lazy, but I didn't chose the slacking life, I remember ever since mid school, each time I wanted to study I was almost imediately falling asleep, or my mind would just fly somewhere very far away without even noticing. That's why I need to finally struggle a bit in the real life. I write it so easily but I'm extremely afraid to even think about me actually trying to find a job. I hope everything will be alright.

It wouldn't be a fine journal entry without the usual anime recommendation !
  • Shirobako, anime about the life of a japanese anime studio. It's extremely interesting and very instructive. Be curious and check it out. They've already released 20 episodes.
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun Specials ! You loved GSNK (I know you did, just take a look at the number of Chiyo-chan emoticons available on deviantart already, they're millions), you have to know that the anime didn't end. Now Specials mini-OAVs are being released, they are only a few minutes long but they're adorable. 5 episodes released
  • Shigatsu wa kimi no uso, I've already told you about this one, but it will be ending soon, so don't miss it ! It's an anime about a teenager who plays the piano and it's wonderful. WoNdErFuL.

Not anime related I discovered Kenshi Yonezu (Name of the famous vocaloid composer Hachi), he also sings with his own voice and these songs are so heartwarming and peaceful and cute, check it out !

That's it for the detailed life report, thank you very much for reading, I love every single one of you <3
And make sure you don't forget to selfcare !
Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3] 

  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: Kenshi Yonezu
  • Watching: Shirobako
  • Playing: Tales of Symphonia 2 : KoR
  • Eating: Too many eggs lately
  • Drinking: Tea with honey


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